Revised 30 DECEMBER 2017 at 1045 MT

Awaken the pulpits. I do not regularly attend Church service in Weld County, Colorado. I attend Liberty Fellowship in Kalispell, Montana via an INTERNET connection every Sunday. Upon arrival in Weld/Greeley 9 years ago I visited over 20 assemblies and found them all nearly inundated with Jewish Supremacist Racisim if not outright spreading the Blasphemy of Judaism. Some even had Women in Leadership positions over Adult Men. Some were clearly Apostate. Some, little more than a Vegas Act with a 10 minute sermonette. While I can not say I visited all assemblies, some of which may be led by God called men serving God, whom I could walk beside in agreement, I stopped searching.

Why am I lingering in Greeley? All of my living descendants except for one, including at last count 12 great grand children, live within a few miles of me. Need I say more.

I do not desire to mislead  those whom I sincerely love, family, friends and seekers of the truth taught by Jesus The Christ who with righteous and contemptuous anger, mercilessly and repeatedly attacked the religious leaders of the day. Judaisms, false Prophets (profits), Sorcerers and  Pharisees aligned with Rome. Sharing the power for filthy lucre sake. Now, there is an intense  growing  apostasy and spirit of antichrist throughout our country inspired by 501c3 tax exempt government shills advocating Judeo Christianity, Jewish racism and Jewish supremacisim allied with Islamist and a multitude of theologians who have knowingly departed from the Orthodox Christian faith, having accepted  Neo-Orthodoxy that sprang from Europe abut two centuries ago. A well known and respected cleric succinctly summed it up over eighty years ago as TEACHING OLD  ERRORS and NEW LABELS. We were preserved by God and separated from the Neo-Orthodoxy spreading in the old world. But, only for a short time. In early stages of UNITED STATES of AMERICA development The Holy Spirit inspired  evangelical teaching and leaders such as THE BLACK ROBBED REGIMENT and yes, common humble men, rustic or lettered, frontiersmen or urbane, our ancestors , MEN OF GOD endowed this country with an escape from secular and religious TYRANNY. Precisely due to the First and Second Amendments of the CONSTITUTION facilitating growth through the spirit of God and wisely keeping in check Kings, Judicial bandits and Potentates. Retaining ultimate power in the people. A heritage that was soon being squandered in a deteriorating Republic being Democratized through blatant greed and graft of leaders who quickly developed new ways to steal from the people. Using HF Radio and other media to testify of Jesus The Christ, I often refer to my location as "OCCUPIED" Greeley. When asked why, I state the principle reason. The local College and Public School System and much of the political leadership is inundated with Political Correctness most accurately referred to as Classic Cultural Marxism. A Philosophy that moved into Western Education after the Jewish-ZIONIST led Bolshevik Revolution in Russia with the intent of undermining trust in established  Orthodox Christian values. The goal of the Marxist has been substantially achieved as evidenced by the decline of the Christian Pulpit most of which have become Quislings submissive to a Pantheon of a State sponsored Idolatry in the form of Molochs or Rephaim through Abortion, Evolutionism, ENVIRONMENTALISM, GAEA/GAIA/GE, MAITREYA, EARTH MOTHER WORSHIP that repeatedly crept into ancient Hebrew worship as depicted in Ezekiel Chapter 8. God ultimately divorced the back-sliding Israel. Why, we even have so-called Christian Ministers of mainline denominations who deny the Divinity of Jesus The Christ, I am naming names so that my family and friends can identify the enemy and call on The Lord God of Hosts Jesus the Christ for help. He does pray that we be kept from the evil. To paraphrase Mrs. Graham: “Will He owe Sodom and Gomorrah an apology if He does no less to the sponsors of Planned Parenthood?” Now the abrogation of the time honored freedom of conscience is upon us though the Judicial Black Robbed Sycophants decision about marriage. What, pray tell, will awaken the pulpits, Perhaps they are in the counting house waiting for the wind to blow. Is there not a cause?