REVISED 25 MAY 2019. A.D. @ 0930 USA MT


World "leaders" met in Beijing a few years ago for a United Nations conference on Women. In 1992 many of the same were at Rio De Janeiro to propose a "Bio-Diversity Treaty". Heady arguments were made at both for the protection of women and for the preservation of plant and animal life. In the past, extraordinary efforts have been observed in the protection and rescue of whales stranded on the shoals of the Pacific coast. Who can forget the pictures of years ago of young, snow white and helpless new born Harp seals being bludgeoned by pelt seekers. Now we have the outcry concerning the Pit-Bull deaths. Such a noble effort, accentuated by the common grief of those attuned to the plight of the natural world, poured out a spirit of protection for animals. Are humanity and its creativeness no less deserving of protection ? Aboriginal peoples cry that they be allowed to protect their heritage and justifiably ask for the end of apartheid. Woeful statements of concern for the refugees and impoverished of the world are heard daily. Who will give voice to the child in it's natural milieu. Who will chant, " justice now", for the innocent unborn children ? Quite illogical rationalization is in the argument by so-called scientists that humanity must be sacrificed in order to protect it. How can the promoters of "Earth Day" and "Bio- Diversity" argue in such a convoluted form for murder and terroristic consumption of children ?


The issue is not the right of choice. Nor is it the right to life. Nor is it the call of the "civil-rights" activist for peace and justice. It is the noble obligation to help the helpless indeed. To assist those who have not enjoyed the blessing of a completed nurturing. To protect the innocent, the voice of whom is insufficiently developed to plead and contend with the crescendo of the mob crying for a sacrifice. The most extreme form of child abuse is performed upon those most deserving of mercy. The state is most assuredly impelled to protect these millions who without question are unable to protect themselves from murder in the womb. Learned persons have delivered scientific papers in the medical forums of Vanderbilt University that the heart muscle cells begin to pulsate with life within three weeks of conception. Extreme life preserving effort and resources are committed to those who lie in a comma with their heart still pulsing. Is no less an effort mandated by natural law, much less divine law, to assist those not capable of a pleading cry for mercy ? Protect the innocent unborn martyrs.


Over sixty million have perished in this country since manumission for the unborn was shamefully removed by our "justice system" allowing abortion up to the moment of birth ? What of the number in India and China where females are sacrificed solely because they are female ? The total number certainly exceeds the estimated 35 million to 60 million combined casualties during World War II. Is it noble to expend so much effort for the destruction of human progeny ? Dietrich Bonhoeffer gave his life in the death camp at Flossenberg three months before the end of World War II. He worked to stop the forces of genocide as proscribed by the Fascists of Italy, the Nazis of Germany, and the Pogroms of the Soviets against the Jews. What came of the courage of the teenage Catholic Episcopal Navy Medical Corpsmen Harry Payne who nursed his fellow prisoners of Shinto Buddhist Militarists in Bataan and throughout the Philippines for four years ? Consider the sacrifice by Franz Jozsef Mindszenty who fought the Soviet Communists as they attempted to secularize the Roman Catholic Schools of Hungary. Recall the centuries of barbarity by the Moslem oppressors on the Armenians. Finally, Martin Luther King's non violent opposition to evil is proclaimed by holiday as an example for man to follow. Images of the "civil-rights" movement are easily recalled where he delivers his oratory from the Ebenezer Baptist Church. Over head is a stained glass picture of Christ praying in the garden. Yet, within blocks of the church, extreme violence by crushing dismemberment is imposed upon children today. Recent cries for justice in that podium ring closer to sedition or insurrection than to the Nobel Award winning cause of "civil-rights." We sit as a nation bankrupt of moral value by allowing the slaughter to continue. What civil right is greater than life itself for the innocent.


The Challenges before us are often painstakingly difficult to resolve. The degree of courage required to be decisively in the forefront of policy can come about only when one is secure in his position. Courage to stand, and then stand again against evil comes from only one source. Repeated decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court continue to demonstrate a shrinking ethic. I ask that you support, protect and defend the civil right of innocent unborn children to grow, prosper and ultimately have the same degree of equal opportunity that you find comfort in today. Will you place your heart between the surgeons cutlery of child abuse and the body of the unborn innocent human child ? Will you take affirmative action to secure for these unborn their inalienable right of life ? How many more future writers for liberty and life will be offered on the Altars of Molech.

In the words of Milton.


Avenge O Lord Thy Slaughtered Saints, whose bones

Lie scattered on the Alpine mountains cold;

Even them who kept thy truth so pure of old,

When all our fathers worshiped stocks and stones,

Forget not: in thy book record their groans

Who were thy sheep, and in their ancient fold

Slain by the bloody Piedmontese, that rolled

Mother with infant down the rocks. Their moans

The vales redoubled to the hills, and they

To heaven. Their martyred blood and ashes sow

O'er all the Italian fields, where still doth sway

The Triple Tyrant; that from these may grow

A hundredfold, who, having learnt thy way,

Early may fly the Babylonian woe.


In the name of Jehovah Sabaoth the Lord God of Hosts Jesus Christ, the pre-existent, everlasting, eternal, creator, redeemer and sustainer of the cosmos, who through His infinite, merciful, full, perfect, sufficient, complete and continuous atoning makes us just, help them.


I serve no man or denomination nor for gain. I serve Jesus The Christ alone.

With the love of the Holy Trinity of the ancient Catholic faith, SEPARATE FROM ROME, everlastingly
sealed in The body of Jesus The Christ,

Edwin Joseph Moelder +
United States of America Air Force Veteran
Great Grand Son of CSA Veterans, Revolutionary War Veterans and French and
Indian War Veterans.
Descendant of Zipporah Murray, Christopher Gist, Shem, Heber, Abraham, Judah
and Joseph