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Captain Benjamin Gist of the North Carolina Militia, son of Christopher Gist and  Sarah Howard and grandson of Zipporah Murray and Joshua Howard, great grandson of Sir Charles Murray 1st Marquess of Atholl,  like many Patriot descendants of Scots Highlanders undoubtedly was molded by his parents and grandparents frontier experiences and knowledge of events west of the Alleghenies ranging from Fort LeBoeuf near Erie Pennsylvania to the Cherokee Indian Nations of East Tennessee and North Georgia.

Captain Benjamin Gist served as Justice of the Peace of the newly formed Washington County, North Carolina, February 23,  1778; Appointed collector of his district and served as both Sheriff and Assessor of Roan Creek District; Commissioner of Public Buildings, Served as Captain of a Company of Militia in the North Carolina Regiment of Colonel John Carter and also under Colonel John Sevier.


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Little is known about the early life of Gist, although it is probable that his surveyor father trained him in this profession. In 1750 he left his home in North Carolina with an appointment from the Ohio Company to explore territory in the Ohio Valley. That autumn he set out from western Maryland, explored the Ohio River to the mouth of the Scioto River, then crossed through the Kentucky region on his return journey to his family. He explored other portions of the Ohio–Kentucky area during the winter of 1752–53, becoming the first English colonist to explore this region.

In November 1753 Gist, then living in western Maryland, joined Major George Washington of the Virginia militia on his expedition against the French in western Pennsylvania. On two occasions he allegedly saved Washington’s life, and he was with him later when Washington surrendered Fort Necessity in July 1754. The next year, Gist served as a guide in General Edward Braddock’s disastrous expedition against Fort Duquesne, and he later organized and commanded a company of scouts protecting the frontier.

Gist spent his last years among the Cherokee tribes in the South, where he served as an Indian agent. His writings, published in 1893, offer excellent firsthand descriptions of the frontier environment, Indian life, and the campaigns that marked the beginning of the French and Indian War.

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In 1749, Jesuit Father Joseph Bonnecamp accompanied a French Canadian expedition led by Capt. Louis de Celeron de Bienville, which camped in several areas locally, including McKees Rocks and Logstown in Beaver County.

Though not specifically recorded, “We can safely affirm that Mass was celebrated,” Benedictine Father Felix Fellner wrote in his history of early Catholicism in Pittsburgh. French influence here eased the work of priests, but efforts to live the Catholic faith in colonial America were hampered by widespread contempt against “papists” and by English proscription laws forbidding public expression of Roman Catholic worship. Catholics made up less than 1 percent of the population.

Pennsylvania, because of William Penn and the Quakers, was the most open to religious expression of any colony, even permitting building “Mass-houses,” or structures with a room for services in Philadelphia.


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By 1750, Gist had moved to northern North Carolina along the Yadkin River. One of his neighbors was frontiersman Daniel Boone. In that same year the Ohio Company selected Gist to survey along the Ohio River from its headwaters near Shannopin's Town, Pennsylvania (modern-day Pittsburgh), to what is now Louisville, Kentucky. That winter Gist mapped the Ohio countryside between Shannopin's Town to the Scioto River. There he crossed into Kentucky and eventually returned to his home. During the winter of 1751-1752, Gist returned to the Ohio Country and explored much of modern-day West Virginia.


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